Sponsored:  ChannelFireball, juggernaut of the collectible card games, industry whose merger with BinderPOS (covered earlier this year by ICv2), have taken their brand in a bold new direction ahead of the launch of their Marketplace in a few weeks.

"Change can be scary, and this is not a change we at ChannelFireball took lightly; we are retiring Ballsy, our mascot, as the main logo for ChannelFireball.com after over a decade" - Jon Saso, CFB Group

The shift comes ahead of ChannelFireball’s shift to a B2B marketplace for game stores to list collectibles, card games and more.

"With this change, we thought it would be important to shift our brand a little bit.  We have been a mainstay in the trading card industry for many years, and while that isn’t going away it is certainly changing.  Our content, our platform and our voice are going to shift to pumping business and engagement to the lifeblood of our industry; local game stores.  That means changing how we think about ourselves, changing how we view our role in the industry and yes, changing our logo."

Stores can register their interest for the ChannelFireball marketplace here - the marketplace is exclusively available to registered businesses and promises low, transparent fees and is backed by the trusted ChannelFireball brand.