Sponsored.  The first three numbered edition sculptures are ready for our new Founder's Exclusive series.  This new series is sequentially numbered to only 400 pieces, available while they last just one time.

Our first three will release the week of December 6, worldwide.

Sculpted by the Para Bellum team, our Dweghom Founder's Exclusive: The Mountain Stands depicts a Hold Raegh Warlord leading his Combat Retinue vested in the full panoply and glory of his hold.  His authority and stature made clear to all who witnessed it as he stands above the greatest heroes of the most influential factions in his Hold: the Clans, the Tempered and the Ardent.  This set contains 5 miniatures - 4 to hold the Raegh and his throne.

Sculpted by Michael Kontraros, our Spire Founder's Exclusive The Legacies of the Ark depicts a Lineage Highborn Elder in all his twisted glory.  His Avatar projection, already a masterpiece of biomantic expertise, has been enhanced by its rider with proprietary knowledge available only to his Lineage, resulting in an inhumanly efficient killing machine that mirrors the twisted psyche of its owner.

Sculpted by the Para Bellum team, our Hundred Kingdoms Founder’s Exclusive The Joust depicts a Mounted Noble Lord challenging a dark Tourney Champion.  Frozen a fraction of an instant before impact with the noble lord riding out full tilt against his dark challenger, this scene is one of the most iconic and timeless images of feudal times.

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