Sponsored.  The Moon and asteroid belt have been mined for resources for decades by the World Government and its contractors.  With unrest collapsing that enterprise, the time is right for new investors to step in and take advantage of the opportunity to revive the mining network, claiming the wealth waiting among the stars.

Skymines, designed by award-winning designer Alexander Pfister and Viktor Kobilke, takes the exciting strategic gameplay of Mombasa and puts a new spin on it with a brand-new theme and additional gameplay.  This strategic Euro game for 1-4 players features a double-sided game board, variable gameplay content, a campaign mode, and two special modules.

At the start of the game, players will put out four companies they can invest in for that game, choosing from the five double-sided company tracks.  Each company is different, giving variable abilities for each game.  Throughout the game, players can invest in any of the four companies, spreading outposts from the company stations across the Moon to increase the value of shares and deciding how much to invest in each company and where to diversify holdings for maximum profit.

With a strategic card programming and management system played out over the course of 7 rounds, players will need to cleverly plan their next moves to get ahead of their opponents.  Players will simultaneously select their actions during the planning phase, placing cards face down in the action area on their player boards. At the beginning of the game, only three action slots are open for card programming, but players will have the opportunity to unlock more action slots on their board as they move along the tank and research tracks.

After the planning phase has ended, the actions can begin!  Players will reveal their played cards and start to activate actions one at a time.  Activating resource cards will enable a player to have a total resource value to purchase new cards from the display on the board and/or advance their investment on one or more company tracks.  Activating energy cards leads to expansion.  The total energy points played can be used to expand one company, spreading their outposts out to different sectors of the Moon.  Each sector will have an energy cost to enter it and place the outpost.  Once the total expansion value has been spent, that player will receive rewards from each sector they expanded to that turn.

Research and field scientists will affect the research and tank tracks on the individual player board, allowing players to advance their research and claim rewards or store up more helium-3 and earn CrypCoin.  Finally, players can choose to place one of their bonus markers onto a vacant bonus space, gaining special abilities and rewards.  Once a bonus marker is placed, it stays on that space and blocks it for the rest of the round.

With many different opportunities to get ahead, players will find a deep level of strategy to explore and master in Skymines!

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