Sponsored.  Prepare to experience the Star Wars galaxy in a whole new way, with Star Wars: Unlimited, launching on March 8, 2024!  This all-new trading card game (TCG) from Fantasy Flight Games in collaboration with Lucasfilm Ltd., features iconic heroes, villains, ships, and settings from all facets of the legendary Star Wars franchise, including movies, TV series, comics, video games, and everything in between.

Star Wars: Unlimited is a fast-paced, strategic card game for everyone, including dedicated Star Wars fans, longtime TCG players, and anyone in between!  During the game, build a deck using cards acquired from randomized booster packs.  Each of those cards has different strengths, weaknesses, and abilities.  The game is called "Unlimited" for a reason; with over 200 cards in the first set—Spark of Rebellion—alone, there are countless strategies and combinations just waiting to be discovered.  Choose your leader, build your deck, expand your collection, and experience a galaxy of unlimited potential!

Star Wars: Unlimited offers a dynamic, and unique TCG play experience, featuring quick back-and-forth mechanics that keep players engaged.  The goal of the game is simple: be the first to destroy the opponent’s base.  Of course, there are numerous ways to approach this goal, and the "unlimited" theme of the game means that players can craft a deck that matches the exact playstyle they want.

Each player deck consists of cards that are drawn and played, a leader (an iconic Star Wars character), and a base.  During each round players alternate, performing a single action each turn.  Almost everything done in the game is an action, like playing a card, attacking with a unit, or activating an ability.  Figuring out which action to use at a given time is a key part of the game’s strategy, and since the opponent can potentially respond to anything a player does with their action, each round is dynamic and impossible to predict.

Another key element of the game relates to the play area, which is divided into two different arenas: a ground arena and a space arena.  Each unit can only be played in one or the other, which means every battle in Star Wars: Unlimited takes place on two separate fronts.

Some cards can affect units in either arena.  For example, many leaders—such as Luke Skywalker (Spark of Rebellion 5) and Darth Vader (Spark of Rebellion 10)—have abilities that can affect any unit, regardless of the arena.

Because Star Wars: Unlimited is a competitive trading card game (or "TCG"), naturally there will be extensive opportunities for Organized Play (OP).  In fact, the Fantasy Flight team has been working on this aspect since the game’s inception, coordinating with designers every step of the way to make sure that OP is integrated into the game’s DNA as deeply as possible.  Organized Play for Star Wars: Unlimited will be divided into two formats: Casual Play and Competitive Play.

The focus of Casual events is to have fun and provide opportunities for both newer players to learn the game and veteran players to try out new decks or strategies.  Casual Play events will include prerelease events, weekly play, and store showdowns.

For players interested in the tournament scene, Competitive Play is the way to go.  The focus of Competitive events is to provide an opportunity for players to test their skills and strategies against one another in a fair and competitive environment.  This is where the glory and prestige of Organized Play can be found, with large-scale tournaments and massive prize pools to look forward to.

A leader in premium gaming accessories, Gamegenic has announced a brand-new line of officially licensed products for Star Wars: Unlimited.  Every accessory featured in the product line is inspired by the iconic look and feel of the franchise’s galaxy—while being specifically tailored to the needs of players and collectors.  The aim is not only to protect and display gameplay components but also to enrich the player experience in unique and surprising ways.

Gamegenic accessories perfectly complement the game’s mechanics and material. Every detail has been carefully thought out and designed to support the exceptional atmosphere, giving little nods to iconic features.  The wide range of ingenious accessories will include casual and premium products, both high in quality and rife with amazing, eye-catching designs!

Star Wars: Unlimited has been in the works for the past three years, with the Fantasy Flight team dedicating unprecedented resources to the project.

To date, the first 12 months of content has been announced, with the first three sets:

  1. Spark of Rebellion
  2. Shadows of the Galaxy
  3. Twilight of the Republic

For more information about sets and release dates, please visit www.starwarsunlimited.com.

For the latest Star Wars: Unlimited video content, including live streams, teasers, trailers, sneak peeks, and more, visit YouTube/FantasyFlightGames/Star Wars: Unlimited.

Star Wars: Unlimited will be distributed in the U.S. by Asmodee USA and in Canada by Lion Rampant Imports.  Retailer preorders will launch on October 16, 2023.

Consumer preorders begin in January 2024.  The game will be available for purchase at major retailers and hobby stores on March 8, 2024.

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