Ron Catapano of Ron's Comic World in Mount Holly, New Jersey comments on the recent comiXology problems caused by demand for the Marvel #1 free digital promotion (see "Marvel SXSW Promotion").

This Sunday highlighted the problem with digital content that fans keep complaining about… I want to read some of the comics that I purchased from the largest, most prominent seller of digital comics in the market, but I can't!

I can't read the books I paid for because I can't save them on my own computer and I'm limited in what I can save to my tablet by the small storage on tablets.  Instead, the books I pay for are kept by comiXology and as long as I have a high speed internet connection available… I can log on and read my books on their web site or I can download a few to my tablet.

BUT NOT TODAY… because someone decided it was a good idea to put 700 Marvel issue #1's up for free at the same time.

Surprise, surprise, a lot more than 12 people wanted all of these free books and now you're lucky to get even the logon page of comiXology and you can forget about reading anything on their web site.

I'm a retailer and I can't even get to my own comiXology website.

Just to add salt to this wound, I initially tried to select some of these "free" books from my iPad, and the page that showed my purchases is blank and the restore button… does nothing.

I understand the concern about piracy, but what about some concern for the people that DO PAY for what you sell?  I want to be able to read the books I paid for when I want to read them.  Keep in mind that a customers ability to save the books on their own computer would also save you bandwidth in the long run.

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