Ralph DiBernardo of​ Jetpack Comics, located in Rochester, New Hampshire, writes in and shares how they're taking care of their comic book and gaming customers in wake of the coronavirus pandemic (see "Comic and Game Retailers – What's Happening in Your Store?").

We are offering local delivery, expanded mail-order and curbside pickup.  You can still come and shop the store as well.  All in-store events are canceled indefinitely, and Free Comic Book Day is postponed but if things get better we will put FCBD back into place.

We are also implementing a few other things:


Not just for kids!  You're bored, we're open!  Stop in for some free reading material or have it delivered.  At home schooling happened so fast that no students had the chance to take home extra reading material.  Jetpack Comics is offering a solution to that.  FREE READING MATERIAL WEEKLY.

It's Free Comic Book Day, every day, at Jetpack Comics, but without the long lines.  (Seriously… we haven't had a line all week.)  Once a week you can stop into Jetpack Comics and get a bag of comics to take home and read.  We've got All-Ages Comics.  We've got Teen comics.  We've got mature reader comics.  Just come up to the counter and ask for your free comics.  This offer is for EVERYONE.  Kids, teens, adults.  Everyone gets free comics.  No, we're not gonna let you place your dirty mitts in the box but we will select you comics that are appropriate for your age.  We encourage families to come in together so everyone can get some and share.

Want to pick them up?  Just stop in or use our curbside pickup.  Want them delivered?  No problem.  We've got a delivery service that charges just $5 locally.  Want them mailed?   See our website to order your free comics (you pay shipping).


It's your own personal Jetpack bailout.  You've supported us and now we're giving back.  Make sure you request your bailout at check out and let the clerk know which category you are in.  FYI we know everyone so be honest with our staff.  Don't be a Virus Scumbag!

Jetpack DMs & GMs - $5 off a $10 purchase weekly.
- We know you can't run your events but we appreciate everything you do.

Jetpack TOs & Judges - $5 off a $10 purchase weekly.
- Ditto for you guys!  The unsung heroes of the Jetpack Club House.

Players (no, not playas) - $5 off a $15 purchase weekly.
- Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, D&D and more, you guys are the communities that allow Jetpack to exist.  If you play games with us then this stipend is for you.

Jetpack In-Store (that's everyone else local) - $5 off a $25 purchase weekly.
- Those of you that shop with us deserve something for supporting us as well.

You can apply your $5, every week, with the minimum purchase above, to anything you want.  Use it in store, at curbside pickup, for the delivery fee or apply it towards shipping.

DISCLAIMER - No, you can't stack the offers.  Just take advantage of the ONE that saves you the most each week.  Available to everyone that qualifies, weekly, must be used or lost weekly.  Cannot be combined with other discounts or offers.

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