Dylan Shearer, Managing Director of Vault Games in Brisbane City, Australia, shares how they're being affected by the coronavirus pandemic (see "Comic and Game Retailers – What's Happening in Your Store?").

In Australia, we haven't been hit too hard by the virus yet, and our government is against performing a full shut down for economic reasons.  So we took some extra steps ourselves and shut down our play space and events until at least April to help protect our staff and community from spreading the virus. (https://vaultgames.com.au/blogs/news/vault-games-ceasing-events-and-play-space-until-april)

We also plan to expand our streaming immensely on our twitch channel as a way to hopefully get some piecemeal extra revenue from our community to support our casual staff during this down period as they won't be covered for any leave while the store faces the reduced period of sales.

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