TCGplayer unveiled their July 2022 sealed TCG product sales data and the price changes over the course of the month for their website. This new information reaffirmed certain trends and brought about new insights about the state of the TCG sealed market.

Double Masters 2022 continues to dominate the top of the TCGplayer sealed chart (see "July 2022"), as it did in June (see "'Magic: The Gathering' 'Double Masters 2022'"). The Double Masters 2022 product line claimed the #1, #2, #11, and #12 spots on the chart, making it easily the most successful debut of a Magic product since possibly Modern Horizons 2 last year (see "'Magic: The Gathering' Strikes Back"). The success of this set was fairly predictable once the full spoiler was released, and its sales frenzy has been exacerbated by short supply created by a limited print run and production delays (see "'Double Masters 2022' Delays").    

However, the real story for Magic: The Gathering in this chart is the preorder for the upcoming Dominaria United set (see "Dominaria United' Product Line Deets"). This set is scheduled to arrive on September 2, 2022, and already in July, this set has the #4, #8, and #13 spots on the chart. A Magic Standard set release hasn't seen this kind of action on preorder in years. The high volume of preorder can be attributed to the consumer excitement revolving around the Legends cards that are randomly inserted into Collector Boosters (see "Lost 'Magic: The Gathering' 'Legends'"). This set has the potential to sell incredibly well upon release, and be in high demand, at least until the Collector Booster supply dries up.

Also of note, older Flesh & Blood TCG product is seeing some sales action. Arcane Rising 1E Booster Boxes, ​​​​​a product that had been out of print for some time now (see "New 'Flesh and Blood' Release"), claimed the #10 spot on the chart, and Crucible of War 1E Booster Boxes also made an appearance at #16. The sudden sales for these products can be attributed to the success of the Uprising set (see "'Flesh and Blood: Uprising'"), which injected some new life into the game.