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Archie Tops the Comics Field
April 8, 2001
Since 1990, newsstand sales of the hundred top selling magazines in the U.S. have declined by 40%. Certainly the proliferation of new titles is partially responsible for the decline in the sales of individual magazines, but doesn't completely explain the fact that the average sell-through for all magazines has plummeted to just 36%.
Latest Numbers on Comic Store Orders
April 8, 2001
Orders for the top comics took an upward tick in April, reflecting the typical seasonal direction now that the doldrums of first quarter are behind us. Ultimate X-Men #5 even came in above 100,000 in estimated comic store orders, the only title to do so in the last two months.
Ashley Judd Essays Catwoman
April 3, 2001
Variety reports today that Ashley Judd has agreed to appear as Catwoman , in a new film that, according to Variety 's Michael Fleming, is 'being rapidly developed at Warner Bros.'
Earlier Than Last Year
March 29, 2001
Only about a half a dozen dealer tables remain for this year's WonderCon, which will be held at the Oakland Convention Center from April 20 to April 22.
The Big O and Invader Zim
March 29, 2001
Two very different cartoon series are debuting on U.S. cable networks in the next few days, but both series could be important to specialty retailers. First up is the American-created Invader ZIM.
Could This Mean A Toonami Network?
March 22, 2001
It certainly appears that the newly formed AOL/Time Warner is determined to achieve corporate synergy among its many disparate elements.
And Los Bros, Humanoids, and APE
March 14, 2001
The increasing importance of graphic novels in traditional bookstores can be gauged by the increasing amount of coverage that they are receiving in the trade journal Publisher's Weekly .
And What It Means for Retailers
March 4, 2001
The Cartoon Network has announced that the new anime series The Big O will debut on Tuesday, April 3 at 5:30 Eastern Standard Time.
March Numbers Tell the Tale
March 4, 2001
In an analysis of March orders to Diamond from comic stores, we've discovered what has long been talked about in general terms -- just how far comic sales have fallen from their once lofty heights.
Big O and Pilot Candidate Debut this Fall
February 6, 2001
Having just launched the science fiction anime adventure Outlaw Star , the Cartoon Network announced the acquisition of two other new anime series, The Big O and Pilot Candidate .
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