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New 'Dog Man' Stays Steady, but Other Titles Slip
December 7, 2020
It's time once more to dig into the sales of the top 20 kids graphic novels in the book channel, based on NPD BookScan data.
Dog Man and Cat Kid Drive Robust Sales
January 21, 2021
The first thing to note is how much higher the numbers are for kids graphic novels than for their adult counterparts.
What's In, What's Out with Young Readers
January 21, 2021
Many of the usual suspects made the chart, but a few books that frequently charted were missing from the full-year top 20.
New Volumes in Top Five
February 8, 2021
There are two new titles in the top 20 kids graphic novels in the book channel.
Cat Kid No Dog Man
February 8, 2021
While Cat Kid may eventually reach the heights occupied by Dog Man, most successful graphic novel series in U.S. history, it's not there yet.
New Titles Enter, Old Titles Leave
March 9, 2021
For the second month in a row, we are seeing movement in the chart of the top 20 Kids graphic novels in the book channel.
Strong Sales Throughout Top 20
August 6, 2021
Sales have been strong all year, and July 2021 was no exception.
No New 'Dog Man' This September, but a Good Month Regardless
October 14, 2021
Things are looking up on the chart of the top 20 Kids graphic novels in the book channel, even though there's no new September Dog Man release.
Flattening the Curve
January 10, 2022
December 2021 sales were flat compared to the previous year, but that’s in the context of a huge increase in 2019.
Wacky Superheroes, Magical Quests, and Middle School Drama
April 25, 2022
Creators have lined up kids’ graphic novels in a variety of genres, from action to fantasy to slice-of-life stories.
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