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'New Kid' Is Back, Plus a Dozen Dav Pilkey Titles
February 7, 2022
For the second month in a row, Dav Pilkey gets a dozen titles on the chart, and Jerry Craft's New Kid returns after an absence of several months.
Two Best-Sellers Are Better than One
March 15, 2022
This month's top two properties both had strong sales, and that makes a big difference to the bottom line.
Where Did the 'Dog Man' Go?
April 25, 2022
Three volumes of Dog Man didn't make the full-year 2021 chart of kids graphic novels.
A Kids Graphic Novel Editorial Event
April 25, 2016
Two weeks of special content on kids graphic novels and comics.
Big Increases Over Previous Years
July 12, 2021
Sales are up from the previous two years. We can see that from the top of the chart, the bottom, or the total of the top 20.
Kids Graphic Novel Sales Cool Down in January
February 7, 2022
Year over year sales are down for every title on the chart.
Strong Sales in the Top 20, Even with Some Franchises Down
April 25, 2022
Sales are up for the top sellers in the Kids category, but some series are doing better than others.
Big Dropoff in Sales of Kids Graphic Novels
September 8, 2022
Sales of bestselling Kids graphic novels in August were down dramatically.
New 'Cat Kid' Tops in April; Another New Volume Cracks Chart
May 10, 2022
Cat Kid: On Purpose came out in April, so it debuted at the top of the chart, and there’s one other new title as well.
Pilkey Titles Slipping, But Overall Sales from a Broader Base
May 10, 2022
Sales of Dav Pilkey's books have slipped, but higher sales across a range of titles makes for a strong Top 20.
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