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'Usagi Yojimbo' Creator Honored During Comic Con Revolution
May 21, 2018
Legendary cartoonist Stan Sakai has been honored with the very first Joe Kubert Storyteller Award.
From Dark Horse Comics
May 20, 2018
Here's an exclusive preview of Will Eisner's A Contract with God Curator's Collection HC, published by Dark Horse Comics.
Plus Dark Horse Doubles Up on 'Predator' Releases
May 14, 2018
Shane Black’s The Predator has an official trailer, and Dark Horse is warming fans up for the release with a pair of releases.
The Market for Kids Graphic Novels, Racking, and 2018's Best Bets
May 13, 2018
Lion Forge is aggressively building out its kids and YA imprints, announcing new titles and beefing up staff.
For 2018 Awards
May 13, 2018
The Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design (AAGAD) released the list of games nominated for 2018 Origins Awards.
Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Romance Dominate the Latest Teen Graphic Novels
May 09, 2018
Here's a look at some of the best YA graphic novels coming out this summer.
Superman Leads the Pack
May 08, 2018
New titles dominate the Superhero chart, but the Manga and Author lists are all over the map.
Manga, Author Top Sellers Show Big Leads
May 08, 2018
While superhero titles are the lowest selling category in the book channel, there’s an interesting difference this month between the charts.
Teamwork and Talent Save the Day in Tales for Young Readers
May 07, 2018
Dark Horse will release a graphic novel aimed at younger readers based on characters in the Disney Zootopia film.
Sales Estimates for April Based on Diamond Indexes and Publisher Title Data
May 07, 2018
These are estimate of the sales on comic books by Diamond U.S. to comic specialty stores during April 2018.
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