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Aliens vs. Predator the Latest Addition to the Schedule
February 17, 2004
Inkworks' 2004 lineup of trading cards includes a potent combination of movie and television properties.
Bishonen Saga Is Still Big in Japan
January 4, 2004
Tokyopop will publish the first volume of Kazuya Minekura's Gensomaden Saiyuki ( Fantasy Romance Saiyuki ) in March.
The Saga Continues!
October 15, 2003
A Paid Advertisement. The saga continues! Lina and Naga are back once again with another exciting graphic novel of fun and mayhem!
Three New Figures Due in 2002
November 19, 2001
Moore Creations, which specializes in creating collector-oriented toys, has just announced three new characters that are slated for the company's second series of figures based on the WB television series, Angel .
Also Soundtrack
May 28, 2001
Tokyopop has just announced that it has licensed the 26-episode Vampire Princess Miyu television series as well as the soundtrack CD.
Basic Info about Central Park Media
February 17, 2001
Company info and areas of emphasis for this leading anime manuifacturer.
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