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Sword and sorcery in the tradition of Lord of the Rings
December 12, 2002
A Paid Advertisement. CPM Manga has announced the release of the fourth volume of Record of Lodoss War - Chronicles of the Heroic Knight , the hugely successful manga inspired by Dungeons and Dragons .
First Topic To Repeat as Champ
December 8, 2002
Dragon Ball Z topped the Lycos 50 list of 'most searched' items for the second consecutive year,...
In Pop Culture Stores
November 25, 2002
At the kickoff of the 2002 holiday season, we talked to distributors that sell to pop culture stores in four major categories -- toys, games, anime, and comics/graphic novels.
On a Creator That Went the Extra Mile
November 4, 2002
Stan Tychinski of Collectible Dreams in Selinsgrove, Pa. has been watching the recent dialogue on in our Talk Back section on Marvel and wanted to send us a positive story about the lengths to which a creator went to make a difference in his store.
As Head for New Adventure Games Division
October 29, 2002
Well-known game designer Matt Forbeck will be joining Human Head Studios as director of its new adventure games division.
Streets November 6th
October 9, 2002
The Topps Company will be shipping its Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Trading Cards in late October in plenty of time to make a November 6th street date.
Via Vu Games
September 23, 2002
Vivendi Universal's Vu Games has announced the upcoming launch of Lord of the Rings: Middle Earth Online , a massively multi-player online roleplaying game (MMORPG) based on the Tolkien works.
Simpsons, Archives Top Their Categories
September 22, 2002
WizKids' MechWarrior: Dark Ages debuted strong in August, with the boosters topping our Top 10 Cool Game list for the month. In other categories, higher numbers in product series that have topped our lists in the past were common,...
The Publisher Talks about the Sealed Sections
September 21, 2002
Dragon #300 was noteworthy not only for the milestone issue number, but also because new Dragon publisher Paizo Publishing included sealed sections of 'mature' content in the most recent issues of Dungeon and Dragon . Here Paizo president Johnny Wilson talks about the decision.
Spider-Man, Clones, LotR, More
September 2, 2002
The Spider-Man film spurred increased sales of Spider-Man merchandise, a track record that will easily justify additional outreach efforts synchronized with the wallcrawler's video release on Nov.2.
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