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For Theatrical Feature
May 20, 2003
ADV Films CEO John Ledford announced in Cannes this week that ADV has acquired the rights to produce a live action version of Gainax animated series Neon Genesis Evangelion .
MMORPG Debuts In 2005
May 15, 2003
Atari and Turbine Entertainment announced plans to bring Wizards of the Coast's Dungeons & Dragons to the world of massively multiplayer games with Dungeons & Dragons Online .
Gen Con Europe Shelved
May 7, 2003
Gen Con, the nation's leading Game Convention, is set to make its Indianapolis debut this July 24-27, taking advantage of the Indianapolis Convention Center's 620,000 square feet of space...
Regular and Special Extended Editions
April 21, 2003
New Line has announced the release dates for the three DVD editions of the second Lord of the Rings feature, The Two Towers .
'Lord of the Rings Meets Harry Potter'
April 20, 2003
C-2 Pictures is working on a major fantasy trilogy titled Evermere , described as ' Lord of the Rings m eets Harry Potter .'
Fire Demons and Flaming Dimwits!
April 10, 2003
A Paid Advertisement. In the tradition of Lord of the Rings . Join your favorite characters as they return to the accursed isle of Lodoss.
Remake of '33 Classic A Pet Project
April 2, 2003
Peter Jackson of the mega-successful Lord of the Rings films has decided to start work on his version of the classic monster film King Kong as soon the final film in LOTR trilogy, The Return of the King , is released
Out In November
March 27, 2003
This November Games Workshop will launch the third in a series of tabletop strategy games based on New Line Cinema's epic adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy.
Nine Riders Fan Out Across N. America & Europe
March 26, 2003
Decipher has launched its Fierce Black Rider Tour in support of the Lord of The Rings Trading Card Game .
The Two Towers, Road to Perdition Also Winners
March 23, 2003
Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away took the Oscar for Best Animated Feature on Sunday, beating nominated titles from Dreamworks, Disney, and Fox.
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