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After Receiving Retailer Feedback
November 17, 2022
Looney Labs has entered a distribution agreement with Peachstate Hobby Distribution, which went into effect on November 1, 2022.
'Beholder Hive' and 'Lich Tomb'
November 9, 2022
WizKids revealed Beholder Hive and Lich Tomb , two more D&D Idols of the Realms 2D miniatures sets, for release into retail.
'Miracleman' Debuts; 'Chainsaw Man' and Webtoons Dominate
November 7, 2022
The first omnibus of Miracleman, the impact of the Chainsaw Man anime, and webtoons are the stories this month.
Blockbusters Ain't What They Used to Be
November 7, 2022
Sales of new volumes of hit series aren't hitting their previous heights.
New 'Lore Olympus' Takes Top Spot
November 4, 2022
The new collection of webtoon Lore Olympus was the top title on the October chart of the Top 20 Adult Graphic Novels in the book channel.
'Lore Olympus' Sales Decay
November 4, 2022
Sales of new Lore Olympus volumes have been decaying as the volume numbers go up, according to sales on the chart of the Top 20 Adult Graphic Novels.
Limited Series to Tell Origin Story of Blade's Daughter
October 31, 2022
Brielle Brooks, the daughter of Blade, will get her own origin story in the new limited series.
Go Inside the Skin and Bones of Marvel's Superhumans!
October 28, 2022
Renowned concept artist Jonah Lobe (Skyrim, Fallout) talks about illustrating the unique anatomy of Marvel's cast of characters in Marvel Anatomy: A Scientific Study of the Superhuman.
'Stranger Things', 'Dog Man', 'Enola Holmes', and More!
October 24, 2022
This year's top picks include Stranger Things and Enola Holmes omnibuses and a boxed set of all the Dog Man graphic novels.
Lots of 'Sandman' and Webtoon Collections
October 17, 2022
The Sandman and webtoon collections dominated their respective charts.
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