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MMORPG Debuts In 2005
May 15, 2003
Atari and Turbine Entertainment announced plans to bring Wizards of the Coast's Dungeons & Dragons to the world of massively multiplayer games with Dungeons & Dragons Online .
Three Games Go Electronic
May 14, 2003
Among the many new electronic games announced at this week's E3 show in Los Angeles are an X-Box version of Magic: The Gathering CCG,.. .
Gen Con Europe Shelved
May 7, 2003
Gen Con, the nation's leading Game Convention, is set to make its Indianapolis debut this July 24-27, taking advantage of the Indianapolis Convention Center's 620,000 square feet of space...
Behind Big Growth in Games
April 21, 2003
Hasbro released its first quarter results on Monday, announcing earnings of $1.2 million, vs. a $246 million loss in the year ago quarter.
10-K Released
March 31, 2003
Hasbro released its annual report last Friday, revealing some details of its operations not previously disclosed in its announcement of year-end results. The break-out of its retail segment disclosed continued large losses of around $20 million in 2002.
'Renewed Dedication' to Core Retailers
March 22, 2003
Wizards of the Coast told retailers at the recently concluded GAMA Trade Show that it plans to implement a retailer co-op program later this year, in which WotC will subsidize advertising by hobby retailers.
Avalon Hill Under WOTC Umbrella
February 19, 2003
The Wizards of the Coast display at this year's New York Toy Fair also devoted a fair amount of space to the long-awaited Simpsons TCG .
But Underlying Trends Positive
February 15, 2003
Hasbro reported sales of $2.8 billion for 2002 and a loss of $171 million, compared to sales of $2.9 billion and a profit of $60 million in 2002.
For Eighth Edition
January 25, 2003
Wizards of the Coast has announced that it is updating the look of its signature Magic: The Gathering cards with the release of the Eighth Edition July 28th.
Fall Debut Planned
January 19, 2003
Wizards of the Coast is planning to release a D&D CMG this fall utilizing pre-painted plastic miniatures in starter sets and boosters.
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