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Launching in April
February 29, 2004
Matthews Simmons Marketing has announced the launch of Games Quarterly Magazine , a promotional magazine, which will be distributed free to retailers to give away to consumers.
Game Sales Buoy Profits
February 9, 2004
With net revenues up 11% to $3.1 billion for the year, Hasbro, the second largest U.S. toymaker, reported gains for both the year and the fourth quarter thanks to strong sales of new toys, classic brands, and board games.
Multi-Media Property Is a Potential Mega-Hit
February 9, 2004
ICv2 has learned that the 26-episode Duel Masters anime series will start its regular Saturday night run on the Cartoon Network's on March 13.
Company and Product of the Year
January 7, 2004
Wizards of the Coast receives our 2003 Game Company of the Year Award.
80 Stores Will be Shed in 60 Days
December 29, 2003
Wizards of the Coast, a subsidiary of toy giant Hasbro, has announced that it will be closing its chain of retail stores, including both the Wizards of the Coast stores and the affiliated The Game Keeper stores.
Darksteel Expansion Out on February 6
December 22, 2003
Wizards of the Coast has confirmed to ICv2 that it will raise prices on both booster packs and decks for its flagship Magic: The Gathering CCG .
Sales Up 18%
October 20, 2003
Hasbro reported initial results from its third quarter today, announcing that its sales were up 18% and earnings per share up 23%, including the effects of an accounting change.
Over Pokemon Game
October 13, 2003
Wizards of the Coast has filed a lawsuit against Nintendo of America and its affiliate, Pokemon USA, alleging breach of contract and patent infringement.
'I Have To Be Smarter'
September 4, 2003
The prolific Steven Bates of Bookery Fantasy in Fairborn, Ohio saw Mark Amoroso's comments on chain competition on key comic and game products, and explains how he meets competition from big box retailers on those categories and on toys.
Chain Retailers Taking Business from Pop Culture Stores
September 1, 2003
Mark Amoroso of Blackthorn Gamecenter in Dickson, Tennessee saw our recent coverage of Free Comic Book Day and sees a larger issue that's a threat to pop culture stores.
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