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Coming in April from BOOM! Studios
January 19, 2022
BOOM! Studios will launch the four-issue miniseries in April.
After Fallout From 2020's 'TWD Secret Lair' Fiasco
June 8, 2021
Wizards of the Coast released some of their thoughts on how to handle potential card availability issues with the mechanically unique Universes Beyond cards, which will be sold through upcoming Secret Lairs.
New Entry Level Multiplayer Boxed Set
July 1, 2022
Wizards of the Coast announced Magic: The Gathering - Game Night: Free For All, a new entry level multiplayer boxed set, for release into retail.
New Showcase Elder Dragon Set, Dan Frazier is Back Again, and More
August 25, 2022
Wizards of the Coast revealed August 2022 Superdrop, the next wave of Secret Lair sets for Magic: The Gathering.
Of TCGplayer's Top 25 Sealed Products Chart; New TCGs' Future in Question
September 16, 2022
TCGplayer's August data for sealed product sales and price changes showed the Big Three dominating, putting the future of newer TCGs in question.
On the October 2022 TCGplayer Top 25 Sealed TCG Products Chart
November 14, 2022
TCGplayer released its Top 25 Sealed Products Chart, which offered up their sales rankings and price changes for October 2022. The chart also revealed new trends in the TCG market space as well as led to some new insights.
On the TCGplayer Top 25 Sealed TCG Products Chart Analysis for May 2023
June 7, 2023
Magic: The Gathering is selling like hotcakes to start the summer, but is there a possible TCG consumer stress test coming in Q3?
In Spring 2023
August 3, 2023
The complete story of the how the TCG market managed another season of growth after a long upward trend.
After an Almost 30-year Run
October 5, 2023
Longtime Magic: The Gathering retailing powerhouse Troll and Toad will back off from Magic: The Gathering singles and sealed products as of January 1, 2024, after an almost 30-year run selling the line.
New Set Introduces Play Boosters; Images Included
December 6, 2023
Wizards of the Coast revealed the product line details for Murders at Karlov Manor, a new Magic: The Gathering Standard set.
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