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May 5, 2016
Here's a review of Magic: The Gathering--Arena of the Planeswalkers: Battle for Zendikar Expansion, published by Wizards of the Coast.
WotC Shares Genesis of 'Plane Shift: Zendikar'
April 29, 2016
Wizards of the Coast shares info on where the historic crossover started, and if it may lead to future products.
Column by Scott Thorne
April 25, 2016
This week, Thorne looks at the news that a group of Magic judges have sued Wizards of the Coast.
Two Lawsuits Against Wizards of the Coast Say They Are
April 22, 2016
Two federal court cases with a potentially huge impact on how organized play for tabletop games is conducted.
As OP Players Pass 1 Million
April 18, 2016
Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner touted the growth of players for Magic: The Gathering in the earnings call.
Replaced by Microsoft Exec
April 11, 2016
Greg Leeds has resigned as CEO of Hasbro division Wizards of the Coast, the company announced today, and will be replaced by former Microsoft executive Chris Cocks.
Column by Scott Thorne
April 10, 2016
This week, Thorne responds to criticisms of the brick and mortar game store model as "antiquated."
Column by Scott Thorne
April 4, 2016
This week, Thorne looks at Privateer's new "free rider" policy.
Column by Scott Thorne
March 21, 2016
This week, Thorne reveals the answers he received (and the ones he didn't) to his five questions for the GAMA Trade Show.
Column by Marcus King
March 20, 2016
This week, King talks about opportunity cost.
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