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'Magic: The Gathering - Modern Horizons'
March 01, 2019
For the first time, a new Magic: The Gathering set will skip over Standard tournament legality and head straight into Modern.
'Magic: The Gathering - Explorers of Ixalan'
October 25, 2017
Wizards of the Coast has revealed details and art for Magic: The Gathering – Explorers of Ixalan.
WOTC Promotes 'Magic: The Gathering' to Librarians
June 26, 2018
At the ALA Annual Conference, Wizards of the Coast was showing off resources to help librarians start Magic: The Gathering clubs.
Booster Box, Packs, Prerelease Pack, More
December 18, 2018
Here is a package art preview for Magic: The Gathering - Ravnica Allegiance.
Product Images
September 12, 2017
Wizards of the Coast has unveiled box art and details for Magic: The Gathering – Iconic Masters.
Art, Mythos, and History of Multiverse
April 30, 2018
VIZ Media, LLC will release Magic: The Gathering – Concepts and Legends , written by James Wyatt.
Product Images
September 04, 2017
This new Magic: The Gathering set takes players into the untamed jungles of Ixalan, and its hidden city of gold, Orazca.
Preview Box, Pack, and Card Art
May 08, 2018
WOTC has shared artwork for its upcoming Magic: The Gathering – Battlebond booster box, packs, and more.
Plus Miniatures Preview
May 25, 2018
WizKids has updated solicit information for Magic: The Gathering - Heroes of Dominaria.
In June
February 15, 2016
Wizards of the Coast has announced it is releasing Eternal Masters for Magic: The Gathering in June.
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