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Stanford-Binet Test To Include Marvel Ordering?
April 15, 2001
Here's a typical example of the kind of reactions we received. 'After reading Mr. Jemas's comments on the overshipping, I must say that I can count the number of digits in his IQ by his 'I know better than you do' attitude (zero).
Fate of Syndicated Show in Doubt
April 11, 2001
According to Cinescape Online, the Wall St. Journal is reporting that 20th Century Fox is suing Marvel over a planned Mutant X syndicated television series. Fox reportedly feels that the series represents a breach of the agreement it reached with Marvel in 1993 for movie rights to the X-Men.
More 3-Issue Collections Planned
April 4, 2001
April 4, 2001. In a conference call with the press today, Marvel President Bill Jemas didn't mince words when defending his 'no overprint policy' In response to a question on the topic from ICv2, he responded, 'It's sort of an IQ test for comic retailers. You can count the digits in their IQ based on their enthusiastic reaction to the 'no overprints policy.''
Seek To Reduce Unfilled Advance Orders
March 25, 2001
Since the implementation of Marvel's 'no overprint' policy, some retailers that were shorted on initial shipments were not able to get replacement copies.
Increasing Backlist a Boon for Retailers
March 12, 2001
Although its ability to execute its strategy is yet to be proven, Marvel is in fact pursuing a two-pronged strategy that includes substantially increasing its output of trade paperbacks and graphic novels as well as trying to imrove sales of its periodical comics.
Pro, Con, In Between
March 8, 2001
Marvel President Bill Jemas' defense of his no overprint policy has fed the continuing discussion over the future of the comics business.
Statement Responds to Criticism
March 5, 2001
In a statement released Friday, March 2nd, Marvel President Bill Jemas has reinforced Marvel's decision not to over-print its periodical comics, c alling the past policy of 10-20% overprints, '...a desperate, shortsighted effort to squeeze every last dollar out of every last book.'
Toy Biz Sales Down Sharply
February 27, 2001
Marvel's dismal fourth quarter performance capped off a very bad year, which saw the company's net sales decline from $319 million to $231 million.
Marvel Legends Debuts in April
February 21, 2001
The Topps Company is readying its first Marvel series based on comic art, which features line art by some of today's top pencilers including, Steve Dillon, Randy Green, Humberto Ramos, Pop Mhan, Kevin Lau, and Sean Chen. Has the market recovered from the hangover caused by the Fleer binge?
Retailers Dissed or Saved?
February 6, 2001
Marvel Comics has made a commitment to strengthening their newsstand distribution by making the Ultimate Marvel Magazine a newsstand-only product.
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