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Another Marvel Film Project
May 30, 2001
Marvel has entered into an agreement with Dimension Films, a subdivision of Miramax, to develop a film based on the relatively short-lived 1980s comic Cloak and Dagger .
Comic Sources for Retailers
October 14, 2003
This is a directory of comic distributors, with links to more extensive profile pages on each of them.
Shooting Starts Next Week
May 29, 2001
In spite of a lawsuit from Fox, Tribune Entertainment, which licensed the property from Marvel, is forging ahead with production of the syndicated Mutant X television series. The sets have been built and dressed, the casting is complete, and filming starts next Monday, June 4th in Toronto, Canada.
Best-sellers in Pop Culture Stores
May 27, 2001
Trends that we have seen during the first quarter, such as the increasing dominance of the DVD format, the overall sales importance of high ticket items, and the continuing reign of CCGs are even more apparent in the April numbers.
Newsstand Books Will Carry Code, for Now
May 23, 2001
ICv2 has learned that Marvel is still submitting books to the CMAA (Comics Magazine Association of America) in order to get the Comics Code Seal of Approval.
Direct Edition of X-Force Laughs at Code
May 22, 2001
The direct and newsstand versions of Marvel's X-Force #116 hit the street today.
No More from Citibank, Trouble Looming?
May 19, 2001
The detailed information behind Marvel's first quarter report paints a picture of a company in considerable cash flow distress despite its $14 million in cash reserves and improving operating picture.
But Tanking Sales May Kick Marvel, DC Off Newsstand First
May 19, 2001
One important newsstand distributor contacted by ICv2 said that Marvel's dumping of the Comics Code and adoption of its own rating system might not be much of an impediment to newsstand distribution.
Strong Support for the CMAA
May 16, 2001
Marvel's unilateral decision to withdraw from the CMAA (Comics Magazine Association of America) and the Comics Code has brought forth strong statements of support for the organization from its other members.
Three-tiered In-house Rating System Planned
May 15, 2001
In a conference call with the comic press today, Marvel President Bill Jemas announced that Marvel would be pulling out of the CMAA, and would no longer be submitting its books for Comics Code approval.
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