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Including Bill Tucci's Shi
February 19, 2001
The Matrix was a big hit for N2, which is planning a third series of Matrix figures for 2001 as well as new twelve-inch figures.
Hong Kong Style Breaks Out
February 14, 2001
Ang Lee's poetic martial arts film, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon became the highest grossing foreign-language film in U.S. history this past weekend with a total take of over $60 million
Videogames Up, Toys Down
February 17, 2001
The licensing fees for the rights to the Matrix are in the $8-$10 million range, rivaling the sums Electronic Arts paid to acquire the rights to produce videogames for The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter , two of this year's most highly anticipated fantasy films.
WB Tops 2000 DVD Sales
February 17, 2001
Warner Brothers' early commitment to the DVD format paid dividends as the studio captured 28% of the burgeoning market for videodisks in the year 2000.
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