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Toys Bow in Q4
August 7, 2001
N2 Toys, the innovative toy company that created the Matrix figures and many other toys aimed at collectors '), is set to release action figures and statues based on the Shi comic series created by Bill Tucci.
New Tick Toys from N2
July 18, 2001
N2, the innovative company that created the highly successful toys based on The Matrix , has released photos and information on its new series of action figures based on The Tick television series, which will air this fall on the Fox Network.
Books that Feature Top Properties
June 4, 2001
The large number of movie/TV books available this season should provide opportunities for a wide range of pop culture stores.
Earlier Than Last Year
March 29, 2001
Only about a half a dozen dealer tables remain for this year's WonderCon, which will be held at the Oakland Convention Center from April 20 to April 22.
Series Delayed until Next Season
April 2, 2001
The Fox Network has postponed the live action series based on The Tick comic and cartoon until the start of the fall TV season. The series is currently in production and all thirteen episodes for the first season will be completed by the May 2 deadline for the Writer's Guild (WGA) strike.
Rhino Leads Retro Toon Charge
March 12, 2001
Rhino Video has been extremely active in resurrecting vintage kiddie-treats like the Transformers.
Fast-growing Segment Targets Collectors
March 6, 2001
While the toy industry, and in particular the action figure category had a terrible year in the mass market in 2000, the segment that targets the adult collector market continued to grow.
Choice Bits about Movies that Matter
February 28, 2001
According to the official Akira website, the newly remastered film will have its U.S premiere in New York City at the AMC Empire theater in Times Square on Friday, March 30th.
The Next Chinese Martial Arts Hit?
February 25, 2001
Miramax Films, which does a good job of staying on top of trends, has obtained the rights to the Chinese language film Legend of Zu , which stars Zhang Ziyi (who played the beautiful and willful young princess in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon ) and Sammo Hung ( Martial Law).
Including Bill Tucci's Shi
February 19, 2001
The Matrix was a big hit for N2, which is planning a third series of Matrix figures for 2001 as well as new twelve-inch figures.
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