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Jack Kirby Featured
August 26, 2003
No, it's not April Fools Day -- Wednesday's The Arts Section of the New York Times did actually contain two articles celebrating superhero comics.
August 25, 2003
The Matrix Reloaded has hit $730 million in worldwide box office revenues, with around $280 million in domestic sales and around $450 million in sales outside the U.S.,
As Trade Paperback; Ltd. Edition Hardcover To Follow
August 17, 2003
Red Pill Productions is planning to release a 160-page trade paperback volume, The Matrix Comics , in mid-October.
But Pirates Doesn't Walk The Plank
July 20, 2003
The R-Rated Bad Boys II , featuring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, bludgeoned its way to the top of the box office with a stellar $46.7 million dollar opening weekend.
Mark Wheatley To Do Comic Book Adaptation Of The Film
July 17, 2003
Mark Wheatley told ICv2 that Circle of Confusion and New Regency signed an option on July 16 giving them the movie rights to the Hammer of the Gods comic book published by Image.
Three Weeks Before Final Film Debuts
July 13, 2003
Warner Home Video has announced that The Matrix Reloaded DVD (and VHS) will premier on October 14, some three weeks before the opening of the final film in the futuristic science fiction series, The Matrix Revolutions .
But DVD Sales & Rentals Are Up 61%
July 13, 2003
In spite of a strong set of May releases including X2 , The Matrix Reloaded , and Finding Nemo , Hollywood's box office revenues were down some 4.6% during the first half of 2003.
Weekend Box Office Down 15% From Last Year
June 29, 2003
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle won this weekend's box office derby with an estimated gross of $38 million. Ang Lee's Hulk suffered a big second week drop, plummeting some 70% from $62 million plus to an estimated $18.4 million.
Third Best Opening For A Marvel Film
June 22, 2003
Ang Lee's Hulk smashed and grabbed its way to a June record $62.6 million opening weekend gross.
Big Opening Predicted, But Will It Have Legs?
June 18, 2003
This weekend will be a very interesting one at the box office, but next weekend should determine the fate of Marvel's most ambitious superhero film.
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