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May 11, 2003
Today's Variety reported that Philip Levens, a writer and co-producer on the highly popular Smallville TV series, has been hired by producer Joel Silver to write the screenplay for a Warner Brothers film based on the DC Comics character, Wonder Woman .
Biggest Release Ever
April 26, 2003
Twentieth Century Fox has planned the largest global opening ever for X2: X-Men United , which will flash across screens in no fewer than 93 different markets across the globe on May 2, 2003.
A Second Generation Comic Book Movie?
April 10, 2003
Dreamworks has optioned a comic book-derived film. Band of Brothers writer Bruce McKenna is writing The Hands of Shang Chi.
April 13th
April 6, 2003
The first broadcast TV showing of the trailer for The Matrix Reloaded will be during NBC's Arena Football broadcast on April 13th.
At Warner's Request
March 25, 2003
Decipher has announced that it is canceling its recently announced Decipher Trading Cards.
Shipping In July
February 19, 2003
McFarlane's Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines toys will be out in July, and they'll include five Terminator 3 figures plus a deluxe boxed set edition.
Series I Based on Matrix and The Matrix Reloaded
February 18, 2003
McFarlane Toys has provided a first look at its toys for the Wachowski brothers' Matrix trilogy.
First Trading Card License
February 16, 2003
Decipher Inc., well known as a manufacturer of CCGs, has signed its first trading card license to create trading cards for this year's Matrix films, Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions .
Comic Sells 1.5 Million Copies
February 16, 2003
Kids WB has acquired the anime series MegaMan: NT Warrior for its summer schedule.
An Overview of Movie Merchandising Prospects
February 8, 2003
The list of films below represents our best judgment as to which of the many films slated for 2003 actually have merchandising potential.
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