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'Thank You Will'
January 4, 2005
Comic artist Alex Saviuk saw the news of Will Eisner's death and shared his recollections.
Manga, Spiegelman, Peanuts
January 3, 2005
Rurouni Kenshin Vol. 1, from Viz, was the top-selling graphic novel in bookstores last year.
In Comic Zone
December 27, 2004
Disney is headed deeper into comic publishing with the increase in frequency of its Disney Adventures Comic Zone digest to four times a year.
Coming in 2005
December 26, 2004
UK company First 4 Figures will release a series of resin statues featuring characters from Magic: The Gathering in May.
But Cover Prices Up
December 20, 2004
Sales were soft for most of the top comic titles this month, with five out of the top ten and 16 out of the top 25 dropping in sales. But the top seven piece books were all higher than the current base $2.25 price.
Column by Steven Bates
December 15, 2004
This week, Bates gives us his top gift items this season, in three parts. In Part 3, he looks at the toy category.
Now Ordering
December 13, 2004
Ilan Strasser of Fat Moose Comics and Games in Whippany, New Jersey responds to Sellner's last Talk Back comment; he's now been convinced to stock the Kandora titles:
From Nexus Games
December 5, 2004
Nexus Games has announced that it has acquired a worldwide license to produce a Marvel strategy board game, which will be released next summer.
Based on Anime and Videogame Properties
November 30, 2004
Yamato USA has announced its Late Spring 2005 releases, which include miniature collectible figures, action figures, and PVC and resin statues based on anime and videogame properties.
And Family Guy
November 23, 2004
Inkworks will ship Spike: The Complete Story , a 72-card series with lots of extras, in February.
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