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Major League Baseball Sportsclix
October 16, 2003
Topps and WizKids unveiled their first joint project -- a collectible miniatures game that the companies hope will tap into the growing interest in fantasy baseball.
Dr. Strange Will Be the First
October 19, 2003
Diamond Select Toys has announced the impending release of a series of statues based on Neil Gaiman's 1602 mini-series from Marvel Comics.
Jemas Becomes Chief Marketing Officer
October 14, 2003
Making official what had been rumored for some time, Marvel announced on Tuesday that it was hiring Dan Buckley as Publisher and that former President of Publishing and Consumer Products Bill Jemas was moving to Chief Marketing Officer, a new, non-executive position.
JLA/Avengers Is The Top Dollar Book
October 7, 2003
DC Comics took the #1 spot for comic book sales in September by smashing the 200,000 barrier to smithereens with the final issue of the Jim Lee/Jeph Loeb Batman 'Hush' storyline, which sold an amazing 233,775 copies.
With TV Show, Video
September 9, 2003
King Features Syndicate announced that production has started on a new Popeye 3-D CGI animated TV special, with the first airing scheduled for prime time during the holiday season.
Fashion Supplement
August 25, 2003
In the August 17th issue of the New York Times Magazine, Part 2, Fashions of the Times, Betty, Veronica, and the whole Riverdale gang strut their stuff in a six-page fashion comic.
Board Game Expansions Key to Acquisition Program
August 18, 2003
Wizards of the Coast has launched an in-store organized play program for the board games of Avalon Hill. Called Avalon Hill Frontline , the program kicks off this month with in-store tournament kits for Risk 2210.
As Trade Paperback; Ltd. Edition Hardcover To Follow
August 17, 2003
Red Pill Productions is planning to release a 160-page trade paperback volume, The Matrix Comics , in mid-October.
And Signs with Endeavor
August 10, 2003
In Spring of 2004 CrossGen will release The War.
'American Splendor' and 'Quimby the Mouse'
August 10, 2003
This week's Entertainment Weekly has a six-page story written by Pekar and illustrated by long-time collaborator Gary Dumm.
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