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A Full Range of Expansions Planned
February 11, 2004
WotC's Duel Masters CCG debuts in March followed by four expansions in ten months.
Second Marvel Series, Simpsons, TMNT, NHL to Come
February 8, 2004
What's the next big collectible fad? It could be Mighty Beanz , thimble-sized, capsule-shaped plastic 'jumping' beans.
For Shrek and Shark Tale
January 25, 2004
Dreamworks has already started working on Shrek 3 some four months before the theatrical debut of Shrek 2 on May 21.
Company and Product of the Year
January 7, 2004
Wizards of the Coast receives our 2003 Game Company of the Year Award.
80 Stores Will be Shed in 60 Days
December 29, 2003
Wizards of the Coast, a subsidiary of toy giant Hasbro, has announced that it will be closing its chain of retail stores, including both the Wizards of the Coast stores and the affiliated The Game Keeper stores.
Releasing Four CCGs Over the Next 8 Months
November 30, 2003
Bandai America is planning a major push in the Games category over the next eight months with the release of four CCGs.
Sneak Peak at Second MegaMan: NT Warrior Season
November 20, 2003
The Kids' WB! will air its first annual 'Turkey Surprise Day' on Saturday, November 29th.
'The Pamphlet Is Dead'
November 12, 2003
Steve Bennett of Dark Star Books in Yellow Springs, Ohio saw the report that Shonen Jump has sold as many as 540,000 copies an issue and sent us this extensive comment on the future of comic formats.
Shoujo Anime Series
October 16, 2003
4Kids is completing a deal with Toei Animation to bring the Magical Doremi anime series to the U.S.
One for Each of Five Different Covers
October 19, 2003
Dreamwave Productions has announced that its Duel Masters #1 comic book will come polybagged with rare limited edition Duel Masters cards from the forthcoming Duel Masters CCG.
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