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And Raises Prices on Monthly Rebirth Titles
January 17, 2017
DC has made another maneuver in the half-century war with its (now) cross-country rival Marvel by adding access to a free digital copy with each copy sold of a Rebirth title.
In June
May 28, 2012
The first Rebirth collection is at $9.99.
For New Printing
May 30, 2016
DC’s inevitable second printing of its Rebirth one-shot will be squarebound at $5.99 retail.
For 'Rebirth' Collections
December 21, 2016
DC Entertainment is planning a TV advertising campaign to support the collected editions of its Rebirth content.
In December and January
September 19, 2016
DC is moving to release the first of its highly successful Rebirth content in additional formats.
Joins First Issue Third Printing
November 11, 2004
DC Comics has announced a second printing of Green Lantern: Rebirth #2, which will street December 1st.
By Howard Porter, Andy Park, Steve Skroce, Alex Garner
May 04, 2016
DC Comics has revealed variant covers for its four one-shot DC Universe: Rebirth Specials.
Six Batman Issues
June 17, 2016
The first crossover event since DC’s Rebirth relaunch will include six issues across three Batman titles.
Also Two New 'Director's Cut' Comics
September 19, 2016
DC Comics will release a handful of Rebirth collections this winter, along with two Director’s Cut comics.
'Dream Legacy' Coming in May
April 05, 2007
Bandai told distributors that its inventory on the Naruto CCG Revenge & Rebirth expansion is nearly depleted.
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