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'Booster Brick' and 'Fast Forces'
January 29, 2020
WizKids revealed that they will release new a Marvel HeroClix Fantastic Four Booster Brick and Fast Forces in July 2020.
Geek TV News Round-Up
June 23, 2020
Geek TV news from the streamers has been accumulating; we round it up here.
From Valiant Entertainment
July 21, 2020
Valiant Entertainment announced a new Ninjak series by Jeff Parker and Javier Pulido coming in 2021.
Optimized for 'Marvel Champions' Game
July 28, 2020
Game accessory manufacturer Gamegenic is launching Marvel Champions Art Sleeves, a line of card sleeves featuring artwork from Marvel properties.
Beefy Collections of ‘X-Men: Inferno,’ ‘Star Wars: Doctor Aphra,’ and More
August 28, 2020
Marvel has a hefty lineup of omnibus editions scheduled for spring 2021, with fat hardcover volumes collecting crossover events, complete character stories, and the handbooks of the Marvel Universe, each with a variant cover that’s exclusive to the direct market.
Form AfterShock Media
October 6, 2020
AfterShock Comics will now be a subsidiary of the newly formed AfterShock Media.
Geek Showbiz Round-Up
November 30, 2020
A few more bits of Hollywood geek news has come in, and it is now time for a round-up!
New Spin-Off Series is Set in the Timeline of 'The Mandalorian'; Adds Robert Rodriquez as Executive Producer
December 21, 2020
Disney officially announced Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett, a new spin-off series set in the timeline of The Mandalorian, for release in December 2021.
Top Creators Lend Their Talents to this Celebratory Special Issue
January 21, 2021
Marvel Comics announced Women of Marvel #1 for release into retail stores in April.
One-Shot Stories Put Spotlight on Other Gotham City Heroes
April 15, 2021
Batman's partners in crime-fighting will take center stage in a new series of one-shot comics set in Gotham City.
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