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Marvel's Bookstore Business 'Exploding'
June 5, 2001
In today's Marvel press conference, Marvel President Bill Jemas took the blame for the impression '...that it often does look like we are out to get comic shops -- a lot of that is my personal failure to provide complete information about the policies....
Another Marvel Film Project
May 30, 2001
Marvel has entered into an agreement with Dimension Films, a subdivision of Miramax, to develop a film based on the relatively short-lived 1980s comic Cloak and Dagger .
No Gauze for Alarm
May 6, 2001
Overcoming an early spate of bad reviews, The Mummy Returns started the summer movie season off with a bang last weekend by bringing in $70.1 million, the largest non-holiday opening in box office history.
Over-all Numbers Solid
May 3, 2001
All of Marvel's X-books except Ultimate took substantial jumps in sales between April and May, reflecting new creative teams...
Quantity Estimates Based on Diamond Indexes and External Title Data
May 3, 2001
This article contains a chart showing the top 300 comic titles ordered from Diamond North America based on Diamond's reported title indexes and external title data, and interpolation of the remaining numbers.
Marvel Switches from LPC
April 25, 2001
At today's Marvel news conference, Marvel President Bill Jemas announced the renewal of Marvel's agreement with Diamond Comic Distributors to continue Diamond's exclusive distribution of Marvel titles in the direct market. In addition, the two companies agreed that Diamond would also represent Marvel's trade paperbacks in the traditional bookstore marketplace.
First Marvel Title Since the 70s
April 27, 2001
Marvel has announced that X-Force #116 , the first issue written by Peter Milligan and illustrated by Mike Allred, will not carry the Comics Code Authority's seal of approval. This is the first time that this has happened since way back in the 1970s when a Stan Lee-penned issue of Spider-Man took on the issue of drugs.
Monday, April 23rd
April 19, 2001
Stan Lee will make a guest appearance on the Home Shopping Network this coming Monday, April 23rd at 11:00 PM (Eastern Time). Dynamic Forces is presenting a 'Marvel 40th Anniversary' program, and highlighting forty years of Marvel art with a series of lithographs. Stan will be signing lithographs during the show.
Tops the Book Section
April 16, 2001
Ken Tucker reviewed J. Michael Stracynski's first issue of Spider-Man ( Amazing Spider-Man #30) in the April 20th issue of Entertainment Weekly , on newsstands this week. The review, which leads off the 'Books Section' (page 66) is quite favorable and includes a sample panel of art from John Romita, Jr.
Archie Tops the Comics Field
April 8, 2001
Since 1990, newsstand sales of the hundred top selling magazines in the U.S. have declined by 40%. Certainly the proliferation of new titles is partially responsible for the decline in the sales of individual magazines, but doesn't completely explain the fact that the average sell-through for all magazines has plummeted to just 36%.
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