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Strong Sales in the Top 20, Even with Some Franchises Down
April 25, 2022
Sales are up for the top sellers in the Kids category, but some series are doing better than others.
Dragons vs. 'Dog Man'
April 12, 2022
For the first time ever, five Dog Man titles didn't make the chart, and all five volumes of Wings of Fire did.
Running the Numbers on the 'Dog Man' Phenomenon
April 12, 2022
A closer look at why Wings of Fire displaced Dog Man on the March 2022 chart.
According to the American Library Association
April 5, 2022
The book topped the American Library Association’s list of banned and challenged books in 2021.
Who Let the Dog Man Out?
March 15, 2022
For the first time since 2018, one of the Dog Man books didn't make the chart.
Two Best-Sellers Are Better than One
March 15, 2022
This month's top two properties both had strong sales, and that makes a big difference to the bottom line.
From 'ICv2's Internal Correspondence' #101
March 10, 2022
This top franchise chart originally appeared in ICv2's Internal Correspondence #101.
Sales Estimates Based on Diamond Indexes and Publisher Title Data
February 8, 2022
These are estimates of graphic novel sales by Diamond Comic Distributors U.S. to comic specialty stores during the full year of 2021.
'New Kid' Is Back, Plus a Dozen Dav Pilkey Titles
February 7, 2022
For the second month in a row, Dav Pilkey gets a dozen titles on the chart, and Jerry Craft's New Kid returns after an absence of several months.
Kids Graphic Novel Sales Cool Down in January
February 7, 2022
Year over year sales are down for every title on the chart.
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