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Reigning Cats and Dogs
January 10, 2022
With the release of a new Cat Kid book, Dav Pilkey's Dog Man and Cat Kid books now take up more than half the chart.
Flattening the Curve
January 10, 2022
December 2021 sales were flat compared to the previous year, but that’s in the context of a huge increase in 2019.
Manga, Kids, Author and Superhero
December 21, 2021
Prepared exclusively for our Pro subscribers, this chart of the ICv2 Top 10 Graphic Novel Franchises in four categories reflects sales in all trade channels for Summer 2021.
A Very Graphix November
December 6, 2021
Graphic novels from Scholastic’s Graphix imprint fill almost the entire chart.
Sales Stay Strong Even Without a Blockbuster
December 6, 2021
It's been eight months since a new Dav Pilkey book, but sales are still strong all the way down the chart.
Penguin Young Readers Unveils YA Graphic Novels for 2022
December 3, 2021
Penguin Young Readers publishes graphic novels alongside other types of books across its imprints.
New Titles Join the Old
November 8, 2021
There are new titles on the chart of the Top 20 Kids Graphic Novels in the book channel, based on NPD BookScan data for October 2021.
Sales Continue to Trend Upward
November 8, 2021
The overall trend is toward stronger sales of the top 20 kids graphic novels in the book channel.
New Titles Edge Out the Old
October 14, 2021
There are five new books on this month’s chart, which bumped some older titles.
No New 'Dog Man' This September, but a Good Month Regardless
October 14, 2021
Things are looking up on the chart of the top 20 Kids graphic novels in the book channel, even though there's no new September Dog Man release.
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