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Deluxe Hardcover Series Kicks Off in April
January 20, 2022
Dynamite Entertainment will publish the first of three oversized hardcovers in April.
Column by Scott Thorne
December 13, 2021
This week, columnist Scott Thorne ponders whether or not we've returned to the 90s as far as collectible cards are concerned.
Sequel to Cult Movie to Feature Art by 'Judge Dredd' Artist Henry Flint
November 10, 2021
The six-issue series will follow directly from the events of the 1980 British film Hawk the Slayer and will feature art by Judge Dredd artist Henry Flint.
From AfterShock Comics
November 2, 2021
Here's a preview for Garth Ennis' Lion and The Eagle #1, published by AfterShock Comics.
By 1First Games
October 19, 2021
Here's a preview of 1First Games' The Boys: This is Going to Hurt from Wizard World Chicago 2021.
Column by Rob Salkowitz
October 19, 2021
This week, columnist Rob Salkowitz looks at the flow of Hollywood projects based on comics and wonders how much is too much.
Limited Edition Gold Foil Version Coming Soon
June 29, 2021
Dynamite Entertainment will release The Boys #1, Gold Foil Edition into retail on September 29.
Fantagraphics, Image Lead the Pack
June 9, 2021
You don't have to be the biggest publisher to get the most nominations. Just ask the folks at Fantagraphics Books.
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