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West End Games Returns
February 27, 2001
The first product in the Metabarons line is a 288-page full-color, hardcover rulebook which features a cover painting by Travis Charest and interior paintings by Metabaron artist Juan Gimenez.
WoTC OKs Use of Setting
February 20, 2001
White Wolf's small press publishing affiliate, Arthaus Inc. has acquired the rights to publish extensions of the Ravenlof t campaign setting using the new D20 Dungeons & Dragons Rules published by Wizards of the Coast.
Low Cost and High Value Make GAMA a Must-Go
March 8, 2001
Not only does the show provide access to publishers, manufacturers, distributors, and all the latest products, but also to some of the finest educational programming of its kind., Cut Staff
February 17, 2001
'Game information portal' laid off around 60% of its staff (50 out of 80) last week, citing the need to secure the long-term viability of the company.
Paper Goods Don't Fly
February 17, 2001
Public acceptance of the film will play a determining role, but right now it is safe to say that there is trouble in Pottersville .
Tsunami En Route
January 31, 2001
With Warner Brothers betting big on their Chris Columbus-directed Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone , tentatively set for November 16, 2001, merchandisers are lining up behind the movie with an enormous blitz
World According to Griepp--August, 2000
August 14, 2000
Japanese properties are booming--with a major impact on U.S. pop culture.
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