Sweetpea Entertainment has filed a motion for summary judgment, asking the judge to toss Wizards of the Coast’s suit over the Dungeons & Dragons movie (see “WotC Sues”).  WotC sued in May, asking that Sweetpea be prevented from proceeding with a D&D movie at Warners, which conflicts with WotC’s plans for a D&D movie at Universal (see “Dueling ‘D&D’ Movies”). 

Sweetpea produced the 2000 D&D feature and the recent Book of Vile Darkness TV movie for Syfy (see “‘D&D’ Feature for Syfy”). 

In its motion, Sweetpea makes the argument that it is still the licensee with rights to D&D, that it has not infringed on any trademarks and copyrights because nothing’s been made or distributed, that Hasbro/WotC can’t identify what copyrights are allegedly being infringed, and that Hasbro/WotC did not provide Sweetpea with notice and an opportunity to cure before terminating its license, as required by the contract.