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March Numbers Tell the Tale
March 5, 2001
In an analysis of March orders to Diamond from comic stores, we've discovered what has long been talked about in general terms -- just how far comic sales have fallen from their once lofty heights.
Screenplay Due after Film
February 28, 2001
Fantagraphics Books has announced that the Ghost World film, based on the Daniel Clowes graphic novel, will be released in June, somewhat later than previously announced.
Quantity Estimates Based on Diamond Indexes and External Title Data
February 28, 2001
This article contains a chart showing the top 200 comic titles by quantity ordered, based on Diamond's reported index numbers, actual orders obtained from non-Diamond sources, and interpolation of the remaining numbers.
Toy Biz Sales Down Sharply
February 27, 2001
Marvel's dismal fourth quarter performance capped off a very bad year, which saw the company's net sales decline from $319 million to $231 million.
Singer To Revive Battlestar Galactica
February 22, 2001
According to Variety , X-Men director Bryan Singer plans to revive the classic TV science fiction series, Battlestar Galactica .
Marvel Legends Debuts in April
February 21, 2001
The Topps Company is readying its first Marvel series based on comic art, which features line art by some of today's top pencilers including, Steve Dillon, Randy Green, Humberto Ramos, Pop Mhan, Kevin Lau, and Sean Chen. Has the market recovered from the hangover caused by the Fleer binge?
Fox Kids on the Move?
February 17, 2001
Fox affiliates are pushing the network to move the Fox Kids block back from its current 3pm to 5pm position to 2pm-4pm.
Retailers Dissed or Saved?
February 6, 2001
Marvel Comics has made a commitment to strengthening their newsstand distribution by making the Ultimate Marvel Magazine a newsstand-only product.
Dragonball Nearly Takes it all
February 6, 2001
Internet users looking for information about their favorite interests searched for Dragonball more than any other topic except Britney Spears in 2000, according to the Lycos 50 top searches for 2000.
2000 Flicks Fail To Flog the Schwag
February 6, 2001
Without a Star Wars or even a Blair Witch Project to spur sales in 2000, licensed movie merchandise purchases plummeted precipitously.
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