Beginning Next Summer
July 31, 2015

Gale Force Nine will produce a series of Star Trek hobby board games under license from CBS Consumer Products, the company revealed today.

And Shows No Signs of Slowing Down
July 30, 2015
Sales on IDW Games' hit card game have toped 100,000 copies, executives at IDW confirm.
But HBO Is Open to a Prequel
July 30, 2015
After five seasons Game of Thrones remains the most pirated TV show, but how long will it reign supreme over the airwaves (and downloads)?
Including Limited Edition 'Death Note' Artist Art Book
July 30, 2015
Media has announced a trio of new titles that are scheduled to be released in the spring of 2016.
Plus New Horror & SF Titles
July 30, 2015
American Gothic Press’s comics division, FM (Famous Monsters) Comics, has announced a trio of new comic book titles that it plans to release in the coming months.
And Releases Photo of 'Archangel'
July 30, 2015
Stung by Internet criticism that the costume worn by Oscar Isaac who plays Apocalypse in Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Age of Apocalypse makes the supervillain look way too much like Ivan Ooze from the Power Rangers Movie , Singer hit back.
And Unveils Sara Pichelli Variant
July 30, 2015
Brian Michael Bendis took to Tumblr to reveal Sara Pichelli’s variant cover for Invincible Iron Man #1, and then hinted he might do a second comic featuring old Shellhead.
Oscar Winner Patrick Osborne
July 30, 2015
Patrick Osborne, who won an Oscar for his animated short “Feast” in 2014, has been tapped by Paramount to helm an adaptation of Paul Pope’s award-winning Battling Boy graphic novel, which is published by First Second.
'Dead of Winter' Joins 'Carcassonne,' 'Pandemic'
July 30, 2015
Z-Man Games parent F2Z Entertainment has acquired Plaid Hat Games, the companies announced Wednesday.
As Videogame
July 29, 2015
Harebrained Schemes is heading back to the crowdfunding site with a new project to create a Battletech PC game.
Graphic Novels & Art Books
July 29, 2015
Magnetic Press has announced its second year lineup of graphic novel and art book releases.
Robert Eggers to Helm Horror Film
July 29, 2015
Former Warner Bros. prexy Jeff Robinov’s Studio 8 is planning a remake of F.W. Murnau’s classic 1922 horror film Nosferatu .