From IDW Publishing
November 30, 2015

IDW Publishing will release Star Trek: The Classic UK Comics Vol. 1 in 2016.

Everyone Must Fight
November 30, 2015
The international trailer for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies has arrived, with an equal measure of 19th Century societal glamour and gore.
Column by Rob Salkowitz
November 30, 2015
The original artwork for Neal Adams’ cover to Green Lantern/Green Arrow #76 sold for a whopping $442,150.
Kickstarter Adding Retailer Level
November 30, 2015
Chaosium has announced a new printing of RuneQuest 2nd Edition for 2016.
From Osprey Games
November 30, 2015
Osprey Games has announced new edition of the classic Escape From Colditz WWII prison escape game for 2016.
On Thanksgiving Weekend
November 30, 2015
More people shopped online than shopped in stores over the 2015 Thanksgiving weekend.
Column by Scott Thorne
November 30, 2015
This week, Thorne reports from the front lines of the kick-off of the holiday shopping season.
Week of December 1, 2015
November 29, 2015
Fear the Walking Dead leads this week’s parade of home entertainment releases.
'The Good Dinosaur,' & 'Creed' Are Solid, 'Victor Frankenstein' Bombs
November 29, 2015
The box office was up12% over the Thanksgiving weekend last year.
From Dynamite Entertainment
November 29, 2015
Here's a preview of James Bond #2, published by Dynamite Entertainment.
Plus Two TV Spots Focusing On The Dark Side
November 27, 2015
Here are three retro 1970s-style posters for Star Wars: The Force Awakens , plus two new TV spots.
Blame the 'Action Violence'
November 25, 2015
Star Wars: The Force Awakens announced a PG-13 rating yesterday, and now Warner Bros. announced it’s officially aiming for this rating for all its comic book films.