'Cardfight!!' Trial Decks and Extra Boosters

In November

Bushiroad has announced five new Cardfight!! Vanguard TCG products (three trial decks and two extra boosters) for November, along with a Sneak Preview in-store event.
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Books-A-Million Calls Out Graphic Novels

As Driving Sales Increases

An important source of growth in the quarter.
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Toys R Us Finishes Clearing Inventory

Bondholders Push for New Financing

Inventory clearance helped drive it to a $148 million loss.
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Patrick Warburton in 'The Tick'

For Amazon

A new TV series for Amazon based on The Tick.
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Free Webinar on Changing Fandom

ICv2 Columnist with GeekGirlCon Co-Founder

ICv2 columnist Rob Salkowitz, plus GeekGirlCon co-founder Jennifer K. Stuller.
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'Guardians' Tops Weekend & Year

Mediocre Labor Day Finishes Off Disappointing Summer

Guardians of the Galaxy is #1 of the few bright spots in dismal summer box office.
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'Barbarella' Returns

Humanoids Reissues Classic Sci-Fi

Humanoids has announced a newly translated version of the 1960s classic.
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'D&D: Attack Wing' Storyline Organized Play

With 'Attack Wing--Tiamat' Figure

Includes option to purchase Attack Wing--Tiamat figure.
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Multiple Covers for 'The Valiant' #1

By Rivera, Lemire & Kindt, Francavilla

See all four covers by Rivera, Lemire & Kindt, and Francavilla.
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'Emergence Event' and 'MERCS: Recon'

From 'Myth' Creators MERC / Megacon Games

New games from MERC Miniatures/Megacon Games, creators of Myth.
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The Dark Horse 'Star Wars' Wind-Down

Transitioning to New Marvel Era

Dark Horse will publish new Star Wars collections through November.
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