Plus 'Dark Phoenix' and 'Superman' Coming
June 17, 2019
WizKids has announced Avengers Infinity Gauntlet, Dark Phoenix Saga, and Superman Kryptonite Crisis Dice Masters sets.
528-Page Hardcover with Dust Jacket
June 17, 2019
Dynamite Entertainment will release a 528-page omnibus edition of the Red Sonja run by Gail Simone and Walter Geovani in September.
Plus Hall of Fame Inductees
June 16, 2019
The Academy of Adventure Game Arts & Design announced the winners of the 45th annual Origins Awards at a gala ceremony Saturday night at the Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio.
Reveals Current Member Counts, Early Origins Numbers
June 15, 2019
GAMA held its Annual Membership Meeting Friday evening in conjunction with Association consumer show Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio.
Offering Both Modern and Fantasy Settings
June 14, 2019
WizKids has detailed the next sets in their 4D Settings, one modern, one fantasy, coming this October.
Red Dragon, Owlbear Lead off Line
June 14, 2019
Scheduled to ship in late July, the first two figures take two of the fiercest monsters in the game and turn them into cute sculptures.
New Monster Collection for 'D&D Icons of the Realms'
June 14, 2019
WizKids will bring out new monsters and races in Dungeons & Dragons Icons of the Realms: Volo & Mordenkainen's Foe.
Featuring Gogeta and Broly
June 14, 2019
The Magnificent Collection will be available in two separate editions, one featuring Gogeta and the other featuring Broly.
As Readerlink Attempts Counterbid
June 14, 2019
Meanwhile Readerlink, which distributes books to mass outlets, was working on a potentially higher offer.
War Looms on the North
June 14, 2019
Cubicle 7 will release the next step on the path through Middle-earth this September.
'Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay' Adventure, Companion, Collector's Edition, and Gamemaster’s Screen
June 13, 2019
Cubicle 7 will release Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Death on the Reik- Enemy Within, plus a Companion, Collector’s Edition, and Gamemaster’s Screen.
Extensive Art Preview by Cheung, Scott, Sorrentino, Nguyen, Sook
June 13, 2019
News of the upcoming event series, with art previews by Cheung, Scott, Sorrentino, Nguyen, and Sook.