Comics in the House!
January 26, 2021
Comic and book business veteran Kuo-Yu Liang has joined the board of directors of the Book Industry Charitable Foundation.
'Splatterpunk' Series to Feature Murder on the Dark Web
January 25, 2021
Fantagraphics will publish Ed Piskor's sci-fi/horror series Red Room as both monthly comics and trade paperbacks.
'Dune: House Atreides' Vol. 1 by BOOM! Studios
January 25, 2021
BOOM! Studios will release Dune: House Atreides Vol. 1 on June 29.
'Dream Crush' Arrives in Q1
January 25, 2021
Mondo Games announced Dream Crush, dating board game, for release in Q1.
More 'D&D Icons of the Realms Premium Painted Figures' Drop in May
January 25, 2021
WizKids unveiled new miniature packs for the D&D Icons of the Realms Premium Painted Figures line that will arrive in retail stores in May.
'Heroes Reborn' #1 Begins an Alternate Timeline Series Written by Jason Aaron with Art by Ed McGuiness
January 25, 2021
Marvel Comics announced Heroes Reborn #1, a new alternate timeline comic book series, for release in May.
Over $25 Million Raised
January 25, 2021
Comics blew up on Kickstarter in 2020, up 59% with over $25 million raised.
'Critical Role: Monsters of Wildemount - Udaak Premium Figure' by WizKids
January 25, 2021
WizKids unveiled a Critical Role: Monsters of Wildemount - Udaak Premium Figure for release in April.
Up 34%
January 25, 2021
Total dollars raised for tabletop games on Kickstarter in 2020 blew away the 2019 record, jumping 34%, or over $60 million, to a new record high.
A New Tabletop Trilogy Using the 'Detective' Engine
January 25, 2021
Portal Games announced Dune: House of Secrets, a new tabletop game that uses the Detective system, for release in Q4 2021.
Announces 'Warlord CCG 20th Anniversary Celebration Pack'
January 22, 2021
Alderac Entertainment Group announced Warlord CCG 20th Anniversary Celebration Pack, a direct sale pack, for release this summer.