What Is a 'Secret Ballot?'
April 26, 2019

The GAMA board of directors has rejected a call by three candidates for a new Retailer Division board election.

After Release of 'Heroes in Crisis' #8
April 25, 2019
Tom King, writer of DC's Heroes in Crisis miniseries, revealed that he’s been getting death threats from people who don't like his stories.
Column by Steve Bennett
April 25, 2019
As the second season of She-Ra drops, Steve Bennett looks at the He-Man character, and the baggage he carries into film development.
Geek TV Roundup
April 25, 2019
Survey says Netflix may lose subscribers, GoT down a spinoff but ratings are good, release date shared for Pennyworth in new trailer, animated Star Trek coming to Nick, Halo casts Master Chief.
From Board & Dice
April 25, 2019
Board & Dice have revealed two summer titles: Sierra West and Teotihuacan: Late Preclassic Period.
Cooperative Card Game from Th3rd World Studios
April 25, 2019
Fairy tale princesses are the heroic adventurers in Charmed and Dangerous: The Sisters Grimm.
Marvel Select Hardcover Collects Triad of FF vs. Galactus Tales
April 25, 2019
Marvel Comics will release Fantastic Four: Behold… Galactus, a new entry in its Marvel Select graphic novel line with an Alex Ross cover.
April 25, 2019
Asmodee unveiled a new fiction imprint, Aconyte, to publish novels based on its popular game properties.
'We are the Men - and Women - in Black.'
April 25, 2019
Sony has released a new trailer for the sci-fi action-comedy Men in Black: International.
Pulling Back From 'Munchkin CCG,' Expanding Kickstarter
April 25, 2019
The year was mixed, with Kickstarter a bright spot and strong initial sales but an inability to continue with the Munchkin CCG.
Over 1000 Media Outlets Covered AOC Comic
April 24, 2019
Riding a huge wave of publicity from its comic featuring Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Devil’s Due Comics will release Talk Bernie to Me!: The Bernie Sanders Special and AOC Surprise in July,
From USAopoly
April 24, 2019
USAopoly has partnered with HBO to release a series-inspired Games of Thrones Collector’s Chess Set.