David Goyer may have lost his Flash gig (see 'Flash News: Goyer Out, Levy In'), but that apparently didn't stop him from selling Warner Bros. on his idea for a prison epic set in special penitentiary for superheroes and starring the Green Arrow.  Wizard Magazine is reporting that Warners bought Goyer's concept for Super Max, a no-holds barred look at incarceration in the DC Universe. 


Wrongly convicted and sentenced to life in prison, Green Arrow is deprived of his bow, his costume and his goatee and confined to a special lockup designed to hold superheroes gone bad and super villains, many of whom he had sent to jail in the first place. According to Goyer, comic book fans should really love the film since it contains many of the B- and C-list villains from the DCU that hardcore fans will recognize, even though the prisoners are not allowed any of the super-villain (or superhero) regalia.