Glen Soustek of Westlake Cards, Comics & Coins, Inc. in Roselle, Illinois saw Scott R Moore's comments about unavailable copies of WWIII #1 and #3 (see 'Scott R. Moore of Galaxy Comics on DC Reorders') and has had similar experiences with other miniseries:


We've had the same problem when trying to reorder trades...Batman Bloodstorn is available, but not Red Rain or Crimson Mist (and it's been that way for awhile).  On the Marvel side Venom Vol. 3 is available, but not Vols. 1 or 2 (given how hot Venom is, this is unbelievable).  I'd like to carry the Amalgam trades...DC's I can get, but not the Marvel.  The list goes on from there (Lonely Place of Dying, etc.) and is frustrating to say the least. 


Given the growing number of trades available, you would think each publisher would put someone in charge of that division with a working knowledge of the characters and series, enough knowledge to at least say, 'If we have part two in stock, we should probably have part one and part three in stock as well'.


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