Dark Horse Comics has announced that it will be reviving the classic Warren horror magazines, Creepy and Eerie.  Dark Horse will create archive hardcover collections of classic Creepy and Eerie comic material and also launch new on-going Creepy and Eerie horror comics with contributions from top contemporary horror creators such as Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) and Bernie Wrightson (Frankenstein).  Dark Horse Archive collections could be out before the end of the year with new Creepy and Eerie comics debuting in early 2008.


Founded in 1964 and published in a black-and-white magazine format that made it exempt from the strictures of the Comics Code, Creepy, especially in its early years under the leadership of Archie Goodwin and Joe Orlando, had an astoundingly talented roster of artists that included Jack Davis, WallyWood, Reed Crandall, Johnny Craig, Gray Morrow, John Severin, Alex Toth, John Severin, Al Williamson, Neal Adams and Steve Ditko.  However by the end of 1967 money was short and most of the top flight creators no longer worked for Creepy or Eerie, which debuted in 1966. 


During the 1970s a group of lower-priced, but talented Spanish artists took over in both magazines, and in 1980 new editor Louise Jones brought some of the original creators back and hired some talented Filipino artists who stayed until Creepy ceased publication in 1983 when Warren went into bankruptcy.  Although the quality of Creepy and Eerie did vary throughout their publication history, there is plenty of excellent material from top creators from which Dark Horse will be able to assemble its archival anthologies.