DC's first direct-to-DVD animated movie aimed at the comic fan market, Superman Doomsday, won't be out until mid-September and release dates for the next two animated epics, Justice League: The New Frontier and Teen Titans: The Judas Contract haven't been announced yet, but according to what appear to be internal Warner Bros. Animation documents posted on the Web at photobucket.com, the next wave will include a Wonder Woman feature and Batman Anime, an Animatrix-like compilation of six Batman stories rendered 'in the style of Japanese anime' (though the document gives no indication that any of the Batman Anime episodes will be produced in Japan by actual anime studios as the segments for the Animatrix were).


According to the document posted on the Web the Wonder Woman DVD will be targeted at males 18 and up, women 18 and up and girls from 9-17, the latter being somewhat problematic since the proposed rating that the animators are shooting for is listed as 'PG-13.' The plot description of the Wonder Woman animated movie is an origin story that resembles George Perez's 1980s re-launching of the character.


While both the visual and narrative elements of the Wonder Woman project reflect the traditional DC Wonder Woman comics, the Batman Anime project recalls the Animatrix in both style and narrative purpose. In fact the differences in the style and purpose of Batman Anime may indicate that it is more closely related to the live action Batman movies than to the other DC Comics-based direct-to-DVD animated movies. The plan is to release the 'PG-13' Batman Anime two weeks prior to the debut of The Dark Knight movie and to use the six stories in the episodic film to bridge the narrative gap between the end of Chris Nolan's Batman Begins and the beginning of  his The Dark Knight.  The Animatrix, which fleshed out various details of the 'Matrix Universe,' was released in 2003 prior to the resumption of the Matrix saga with The Matrix Reloaded.  David Goyer, Brian Azzarello, and Josh Olsen (screenwriter for A History of Violence) are among the writers contributing stories to the six-part Batman anime.