Papercutz has rights to the entire Classics Illustrated library, according to publisher Terry Nantier, including the 27 volumes published by First Comics in the 1990s as well as the original 1950s and 60s material.  Papercutz is also publishing some new material (see 'Papercutz Revives Classics Illustrated').


The recently announced Great Expectations volume (see 'Great Expectations in January') was originally published by First.  But other First issues may not be as easy to publish.  'The big hang-up is getting the originals, which often have been scattered to all winds,' Nantier said.  'The rights holders have not a shred of anything left, no films, no files, nothing!'


Papercutz might publish some of the better titles from the 1950s and 60s material, but has no plans to do so immediately, according to Nantier.