In a new posting on the popular comic downloading BitTorrent site Z-Cult FM, Serj, the site administrator, announced that after further consultations with Marvel Comics, Marvel has decided to follow Z-Cult's removal process and Z-Cult will remove the trackers for all Marvel comics, a process that will take seven days.  Serj went on to 'thank Marvel for following our removal policy (like all other publishers have done in the past) and not going down the legal route once again,' and stated definitively that, 'seven days from now there will be no Marvel comics on our Website.'  Z-Cult's latest actions come less than a week after receiving legal notice from Marvel and DC (see 'Marvel & DC Target BitTorrent Downloads').


Serj also announced a new policy regarding the posting of DC Comics on the Z-Cult site -- starting this week Z-Cult will not post any DC Comics until 30 days after the comic has been available in comic shops.  Serj noted that this policy had been agreed to unilaterally by the staff at Z-Cult and did not reflect any input (or any sort of approval) from DC Comics.  Z-Cult has not heard from DC Comics and decided to institute its 30-day policy (for the time being) entirely on its own.