Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colon, the comics industry veterans who turned the 9/11 Report into a graphic novel, are back with a sequel, After 9/11: America's War on Terrorism (2001-  ).  Their initial collaboration created quite a stir when it was launched (see '9/11 Report Adaptation Hits N.Y.Times Bestseller List'), but their new effort should be even more controversial given their announced attention to 'capture what we knew and when, and how we ended up where we are -- how America's War on Terror unfolded and unraveled.'


As was the case in their initial graphic adaptation of the 9/11 Report in which they presented the events on the four hijacked planes in parallel panels, Jacobson and Colon will attempt to capture simultaneous events happening at various locations around the world while marshaling a vast array of economic, statistical and quantitative information.  Hill and Wang will publish the 160-page full color, 6' x 9' graphic novel in both paperback ($16.95) and hardcover ($30) editions in August of 2008.